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Transformation through Transition

For the record, I am not a major fan of gardening, I am not a vicious proponent of the anti-gardening wing of anything. I just never thought of myself as a “Gardening Guy.” However, if there is one thing that I have learned during this period of retrenching and a lot of refocusing; it is the fact that circumstances have a way of providing clarity and the revelation that you are probably more capable of moments of brilliance and exceptionalism than you think.

Anyway, let’s get back to this gardening thing; the trick to gardening is that there is a lot of work that goes into preparing for the planting process. Many believe that you can just take a seed, any seed, and cover it up with any old dirt and that thing will sprout. However, I submit for your consideration that to secure the very best results, it is important to do the work. Doing the research, using the right tools, and paying attention – in this instance prepping the soil, preparing the seeds, and watering daily. The issue at the core of this exercise is accepting that there will be unbelievable amounts of time that will pass when it will seem like absolutely nothing is happening. In those moments it is important to remain committed and be vigilant. Why you may ask? The process of germination is one where there is a bunch of stuff that takes place unseen to the naked eye. In the same vein, it is important that while situations seem hopeless, or better yet, “on dry dock” as my grandfather used to say – this is when your focus should “double down” on following through with what you are supposed to do. Whether that is your job duties or finding solutions for those daunting issues that always seem to trip you up at the wrong time.

If COVID has created a fork in the road for you or one of those life-altering situations - it is extremely important to take a minute and collect yourself. The fear and anxiety of what happens next is normal, and it usually seems insurmountable but if you are committed to getting through it, you can. It is extremely easy to throw around “self-help” mantras and quick-fix solutions regarding positive thinking and overcoming adversity, but the reality is, that sometimes getting through challenging circumstances is hard. Back to this whole gardening thing; as I noted earlier, a lot happens in the process of germination which is the growth of a new plant contained within a seed. Think of the changes we go through during a rough transition, like that of a germination process. Sometimes these changes are violently transformational, but it is something you ultimately have to go through; remember there is no butterfly without a cocoon.

When emerging on the other side of a transformational process you may find that some skills and traits are of no use for you or to you on the other side. This is where the importance of pruning is elevated – this exercise when done correctly, encourages healthy growth and productivity. Put away those things that do not serve you in the new season. Transformation and transition always call for new skills and broader abilities – pruning also points to the severing of toxic relationships or habit. There is so much to be gained, once the commitment is resolute to make that change.

Every day can be a struggle, but if you are committed to getting through it – sometimes things will just fall in place. Take care and be well.

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