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"When you put people first, you'll be amazed at what happens next!"

Principal Solutions offers a range of business support and human resource services throughout the Bahamas, the Caribbean region, and beyond.  We are well equipped to provide strategic support no matter your needs; people development, corporate planning, project management, business support, employee benefits development, executive, or leadership coaching.  We are the professionals needed to help your organization grow and succeed.  We are people-centered and leadership focused.

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Principal Solutions is a full-service Professional Employer Organization (PEO).  We offer a complete range of Human Resources (HR) and Business Consultancy services that allow you to do what you do best; focus on growth and expanding opportunity.  With our diverse range of HR solutions, we are able to provide administrative relief, reduced liabilities, and dedicated professional HR support.  This allows your employees to better access benefits and information.


Our main goal is to find smart ways of engaging people and systems to build sustainable human capital/ business solutions.  Through interactive programs, we are able to focus on organizational development through employee-benefits design, training, and prepare leadership resource planning initiatives to take your business to the next level.  We specialize in a number of subject matter areas, including:

  • Outsourced HR Administration

  • Business Strategy & Human Capital Management

  • Executive Recruitment & Sourcing Initiatives

  • Employee Benefits Design

  • Leadership Resource Planning & Executive Coaching

  • Labor Disputes & Disciplinary Management

  • Training & Learning Initiatives

  • Compensation Assessments & Other Consultancy

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We’re happy to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our business and how we can achieve your goals together.

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