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Managing Expectations - For Real!

The start of a new year is always characterized new starts, clean slate, new beginnings.  It is always deemed the very best of opportunities to start afresh and a new year, for most, seems to be the best starting point.  New Year’s resolutions, those very special "pinky" promises and all the other commitments we make that clog our inboxes and social media posts as the promise of a new year starts with so much potential.  Sound familiar?  How I long for the first day of the new year, so that I can change everything about me; all I have built up ove

r years of my existence, I will change in less than 24 hours.  Don’t get nervous, I am not about to spew doom and gloom about what really promises to be a vibrant and exceptional 2020, the first in a phenomenal decade of change and transition. 

The challenge of new beginnings is just that; it is a challenge.  The desire to start over and focus on new opportunities, new relationships or just a new you requires something that is quite free, but in very short supply these days:  RESOLVE!  The desire to change requires a lot of things, but the one thing it absolutely has to have in the mix is resolve.  Resolve is the cement that holds every change effort together.  Better known as determination, resolve reminds you about why you are doing something.  Resolve requires that you "zero in" on that one goal and be as they call it, “singularly focused.”  It is unrealistic to think that everything I have represented for years will be magically changed on January 1, all because I want to start over. Unfortunately – it doesn’t work like that, something I was reminded of so many times I've lost count.  However, to the person with resolve…setbacks are nothing more than achievements in waiting.  To the person with resolve, unfulfilled promises are rescheduled opportunities; to the person with resolve, change is a process that will take you through many phases that will never leave you stagnant. 

Embracing a new year is an awesome opportunity to clearly identify a new starting point for any journey you wish to commence.  I believe it was Master Oogway of Kung Fu Panda fame who once said, “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift – that is why it is called the present.”  Do not lose yourself in this drive to overcome shortcomings or lose weight or achieve some new, really amazing goal.  Know that today, you have been blessed with an awesome opportunity to make a contribution to the world. Why not use it to better the lives of the people and the world around you; once you are resolved to do it!  At this moment, focus on the type of person you wish to be and the type of environment you want to create – then through a defined plan; driven by specific, realistically attainable goals watch how you can not only make a difference in your life but the lives around you. 

Happy New Year!

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